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Realtor® Referral Rewards

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When you have listings that are not selling, investor, or absentee owners out of state, we can help you and your client. HomeRiver Group® Tampa offers exceptional rental management services, which gives your client additional options, and attractive financial rewards for you through our Realtor® Referral Rewards Program. Most importantly we offer you, as the agent, a guarantee that in the event the owner you referred to us later wishes to sell the property or to buy a home, we will refer them back to you.

How does our Realtor® Referral Rewards Program work?

  • Receive 30% of the first month’s rent when HomeRiver Group® Tampa leases and manages a property you refer.
  • Receive $500 for referring a management account already leased.
  • Lead Protection, unmatched by any competitor.
  • All referrals are protected, when your owners are ready to sell, we give them back to you to list and sell the properties!

Our experience shows that agents who work with our Realtor® Referral Rewards Program benefit not just financially but professionally. Your client's perception of you is enhanced when you offer professional service through us that you can't readily provide yourself. Your client will feel secure knowing that you, as their agent, will deal with them in the future if they wish to sell.

Situations that may qualify

  • After doing a CMA and going on the listing appointment, it is determined that the seller is underwater on the property and needs to wait for the value to come up. Don’t give them the bad news without a solution. Refer them to us to rent it for a year or two while the value increases and when they’re ready to sell, we’ll send them back to you. Meanwhile, you’ve given them an option that allows them to pursue their plans, move out of the home, and have their mortgage covered with rent.

  • You have a listing that is expiring and the seller doesn’t want to renew. Give them a solution that allows them to move as planned by referring them to us rent and manage the home. When they’re ready to try selling it again, we send them back to you.

  • You’re working with a buyer who is purchasing one or more houses strictly as an investment property which they intend to rent. Many investors want the rewards of rental income without the hassles of managing tenant relationships. Recommend a reputable property management company that can alleviate them of the burden. If they ever decide to purchase additional properties or sell the ones they have, we refer them back to you.

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