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A Guide to Real Estate Investing in Tampa

System - Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Who wouldn't want to invest in a city with beaches, bars, nightlife, and open greenery?

The Tampa real estate market has been up and coming for years now as the area has grown around the Tampa Bay, St. Pete, and Clearwater areas.

Even throughout the pandemic, people began to move to Tampa because of looser restrictions and fewer shutdowns during the pandemic.

With more people moving here every day, you should think about real estate investing in Tampa!

Keep reading to find out why!

What Are the Current Real Estate Investing Trends?

Prices and rents have steadily been increasing in Tampa. Many people are beginning to invest from outside of Florida at a higher rate than local investing.

Tampa also is one of the states with the top ten lowest mortgage rates. This allows investors in Tampa real estate to stretch their budgets and invest more. You'll be able to find great places for great prices!

Why Invest in Tampa Real Estate?

There are so many reasons to start real estate investing in Tampa. Not only is it a great place to be because of the weather and endless activities, but there are also other reasons, too.

Endless Activities

There's always a lot going on in Tampa that attracts people to move here. The warm weather, incredible beaches, and endless outdoor activities keep people coming back for more.

Bike around Bayshore Boulevard, check out Armature Works or spend a day at the art museum.

The beach bars, downtown bars, and top-tier restaurants are just a few activities to do if you take a break from the beach.

With all of the activities, the booming economy is worth over $130 million. This makes Tampa the second-fastest-growing metro area in Florida.

It's Affordable

If you choose to invest in Tampa real estate properties, you will make your money's worth. Renting rates are in demand in Tampa as the price to rent ratio illustrates it is smarter to rent than buying right now.

You can then rent out your place on Airbnb to make more money. Ranked number one in Florida to buy a rental property, you'll be raking in cash from any of the 30 million tourists who visit Tampa each year.

Lower Cost of Living


Within Florida, Tampa's cost of living is one of the lowest in the state. Because of this, Tampa has been named one of the state's hottest areas for real estate investing. You'll get more bang for your buck here than in other cities across the state.

Get Investing

Ready to get started in real estate investing in Tampa, Florida?

Contact us to make sure you are getting the most out of your rental property!  Whether you need to get the most competitive rental price, place a tenant in your home, or have us handle maintenance, we do it all!

We've got you covered to invest in the best real estate around!