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Winter Real Estate Maintenance for Property Investors in Florida

System - Tuesday, February 21, 2023
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Florida may be known as the sunshine state, but Tampa residents experienced their coldest Christmas in 27 years in 2022. Temperatures fell to a frigid mid-20s for the holiday.

Homeowners and property investors faced unique challenges, as these temperatures are cold enough to kill landscaping plants and freeze pipes. Those who prepared their investment properties had nothing to worry about as they tried to stay warm in their own homes. Those who didn't found themselves racing around in the cold to stop leaks and save plants.

Take the stress out of winter by performing these winter real estate maintenance tasks on your investment property.

Prepare the Pipes

One of the easiest things you can do for winter maintenance is to insulate the exterior pipes. The first option is to wrap foam around the pipe. This insulates the pipe and eliminates drafts.

Another option is to place a dome over the pipes or spigots. This helps to prevent the water in or on the pipe from freezing.

A final option is to leave the water dripping. This allows the water to flow and prevents a buildup of ice or pressure.

Clean up the Brush

Winter comes right after hurricane season in Florida. From June 1st through November 30th, Floridians deal with everything from the occasional sun shower to full-blown hurricanes. The rain and wind create wear and tear on the plants.

Once the storm season is over, it is the perfect time to do some property cleanup. First, gather and remove the fallen branches and dead leaves. Then, clean out the gutters, drains, and downspouts.

Not only does this improve the curb appeal of your investment property, but it also helps to maintain the home. Rotting leaves sitting on the roof shingles create a buildup of moisture and attract vermin. Both of these things can damage the structural integrity of the roof.

Inspect the Windows and Doors

Floridians know they must seal the windows and doors to prevent their homes from overheating during the hot summer. However, eliminating drafts is just as important during the winter months. So, either you or someone from your property management service should check the seals around the windows and doors.

Walk around the exterior and interior. Look for cracks in the caulking or places where it is peeling. Another technique is to hold tissue paper in front of a suspected draft location.

If the lightweight paper moves, then there could be a draft. Once you find a draft, remove the old caulking and clean up the area. Then, apply a new caulk line, making sure to seal the entire area.

Plan Your Winter Real Estate Maintenance

Winter real estate maintenance in Tampa does not have to be overly complicated. Florida is a great place to live, with a long warm season and rare freezing days. These three simple tasks will protect the home and your investment.

Contact our knowledgeable local property managers to ensure your Tampa property investment is ready for winter.