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Home Improvements

If you are making a change to the exterior of your home, or a change anywhere on your lot, you need to obtain approval from the Architectural Control (or Review) Committee for your association before the project is started. Based on the governing documents of your association, there may be some exceptions to this; however, the general rule is that approval is needed for all requests. Getting approval from the association is always the safest course of action to prevent potential issues.

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For the quickest processing please use our preferred method to submit your request using your online portal.

Please note the following Documents are required with your online request:

  1. Scope or Specification of Work
  2. This can be as simple as a brochure, work order, or a Word document that includes the materials, design plan, dimensions, color samples, dimensions of project, the brand, and photo samples.

  3. Plat Map
  4. Mark the map with the improvement clearly shown on it. (The plat map would typically be included in your closing papers, but can be obtained through the county website.) A hand-drawn plat map is not acceptable. Please do not send original documents, as they will not be returned to you.

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